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Unipartner at "Orbus Navigate London"

As partners of Orbus Software, the Gartner leader on Enterprise Architecture solutions, we had the pleasure of sharing our insights and success stories at the “Orbus Navigate London” event! 🇬🇧 


Orbus’ Enterprise Architecture empowers teams with robust analytical tools and data-driven insights, enabling alignment between business strategy and technology initiatives, accelerating decision-making and guiding strategic transformation.


Unipartner has vast experience working with major organizations in their IT strategy, governance and innovation processes. At “Orbus Navigate London”, our Digital Enterprise Management Leader Paulo Cancela had the opportunity to present the success story of a major banking institution, Banco Montepio. Working with Unipartner, Banco Montepio transformed their operations by going through an Enterprise Architecture journey, which enabled informed decision-making and seamless alignment with their strategic objectives. 💡

Learn more about the Success Story of Banco Montepio here:

Montepio Bank Success Story - Leveraging Enterprise Architecture to Accelerate Digital Inn
Download • 61.41MB

 We would like to congratulate Orbus Software on a very successful event, fostering a culture of continuous improvement that will undoubtedly result in digital solutions that will shape the technology landscape. 🚀 



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