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Cybersecurity challenges for 2024/2024

As we navigate the fast and dynamic pace of technological and digital evolution, Unipartner brings you an exclusive segment with Pedro Araújo, our Modern Workplace and Security Leader, discussing the leading cybersecurity challenges for 2024/2025. 🎥


Artificial Intelligence has become more popular than ever and when it comes to security, it can play roles on both sides. It has allowed for more advanced cyber threats but at the same time it has also provided tools to capacitate organizations to better protect themselves. With more legislation being put in place as technology evolves, organizations must be prepared to comply and guarantee the safety of their data and processes.


Discover the valuable insights provided by Pedro Araújo to protect your digital assets and learn more about the main 4 actions Unipartner has been addressing with its clients to safeguard their digital systems in an ever-evolving cyber landscape. 🌐

Contact us and learn more about how Unipartner can support your organization:


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