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Lidere o Seu Futuro - Unipartner Company Meeting 2019

Dear team, thank you all for growing and leading together with YOU! It’s an honor to have an amazing Team, creating innovation and making the difference! Our 2019 Kick-off at #novasbe was a fantastic day! We shared our values, offers and strategy with our amazing team and with our strategic partner #Microsoft. In a unique place with the presence of Daniel Traça, Nova SBE Dean, pushing one of our core values to the top #constantlearning. Thank you, all Unipartner Senior team, André Alves, António Cunha, André Santos, Inês Oliveira, Paulo Cancela, Pedro Araújo, Pedro Silva, Nuno Alves, Nuno Serra, Francisco Ceia, Ricardo Castanheira and Rui Martinho, for sharing the value that we create on each area, our skills and competencies and our key 2018 customers’ references, and for inspiring all the Unipartner Team to Lead the Future Together! Thank very much Abel Aguiar for your inspiring pitch and for bringing your team, João Batalha, Diogo Miragaia and Paulo Ivas! Thank you Manuel Dias for sharing the present and the future of Data & AI, a strategic and growth area for us in 2019. Thank you Managing Partners for making it happen, Paulo Garcia, José Carlos Anastácio, Luis Simões and Francisco Gomes. #microsoft #unipartner #novasbe

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